Our all natural hair and skincare products are all hand mixed and poured. We at Spinners believe it is prudent to consider what we put on our bodies. Remember, our skin absorbs whatever you put on it and by using natural chemical free products you and your family will be safe. Also, being completely clean without using those harsh and irritating ingredients. We have antioxidants in our all natural hair and skincare products that include Vitamin E, which is very powerful. 

These following reasons are just some examples of why you should choose Spinners all natural hair care products.

  • Allergies: Artificial hair products and the chemicals found in them can cause irritation for some people. You might experience rashes, itches, and even discoloration. Spinners natural products do not have these negative side effects and therefore minimize the harm done to your body.
  • Suffocation: Artificial hair companies are known for adding chemicals to other chemicals in an attempt to hide the smell of the materials they use to make their products.  When inhaled for a long period of time, this can actually trigger migraines and headaches. Spinners natural products have naturally occurring fragrances from their organic materials and therefore do not run into this problem.
  • Milder on the Hair: Artificial hair products seem like they might work faster at first but are actually harsher on your hair. They do real, consistent damage to the hair follicles and on the hair itself.  Spinners natural products start mild and remain mild no matter how long you use them.
  • Pollution: The chemicals found in artificial products will pollute the earth.  They go into drains in your home and then eventually wind up in the air or in bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and oceans.  Spinners natural products are created from organic materials and therefore aren’t releasing very many chemicals to the environment.  A better earth is better for the people on earth too.
  • Prevents Balding: If you consistently use Spinners natural hair care products, you will reduce the rate at which you lose hair. It strengthens hair follicles and not only does your hair recover, but it becomes thicker and fuller as well.  This is great if you’re trying to avoid going bald.
  • Anti-Aging Effects: Spinners natural hair products have organic components that will reduce the aging of your hair.  This means that your hair will last longer. They will increase and strengthen the thickness of the hair.